Eritrea Daily:Successful efforts to nurture competent youth


Eritrea Daily:Successful efforts to nurture competent youth
Successful efforts to nurture competent youth
Sawa, 04 May 2016- The Deputy Commander of the National Service Training Center, Sawa, L/Colonel Temesgen Samuel said that the efforts made to nurture competent youth in all aspects is vividly being witnessed on the ground.
He also indicated that in the past 22 years the National Service Training Center has
accommodated 28 rounds of national service participants and that they are contributing their due part in the nation building process. The 29th round of the national service participants have completed their 8 months academic education and are currently engaged in other national service duties, he said.
L/C Temesgen further noted that Sawa is a place in which the societal values are transferred to the youth, unity and love to each other is strengthened as well as a place in which the youth develop the culture of work, discipline and time management. He also underlined that Sawa has a special place in every Eritrean youth’s mind and that it will keep up its activities upholding its established values.
Praiseworthy construction projects implemented in Central region
Asmara, 04 May 2016- In the past 25 years of Independence praiseworthy construction projects have been implemented in the Central region, the office of Infrastructure Development in the Central region indicated.
The head of Building Design and Inspection, Architect Mesfin Mehari told Erina that effective activities have been implemented in terms of design approval and providing permit for the construction of new buildings and renovation of old ones.
Eng. Mihreteab Hailemariam also disclosed that 30 kilometer new asphalt roads were constructed in different parts of Asmara at a cost of more than 436 million Nkafa while 77 kilometer roads maintained. He reiterated that at the regional level 738 kilometer new asphalt roads were constructed at a cost of 1.5 billion Nakfa and traffic safety signs put in place at a cost of 4.4 million Nakfa.
The head of the agricultural infrastructure Eng. Abraham Daniel also pointed out that 35 dams and 7 micro dams that could hold 10 million cubic meters of water have been constructed and 8 dams maintained.
Reports also indicate that the Asmara heritage office has prepared and submitted the nomination dossier and all the supporting documents for the candidature of the art deco building and religious sites in Asmara to the UNESCO World Heritage List.