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U.S. Sets Stage for Libya-Like Regime Change in Eritrea, “Africa’s Cuba”

U.S. Sets Stage for Libya-Like Regime Change in Eritrea, “Africa’s Cuba” June 16, 2016 NAIROBI (HAN) June 16.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. BY: Glen Ford. The U.S. is moving towards war against Eritrea, a fiercely independent African nation of only six million people. Washington has deployed its UN “human rights” proxies to justify another “humanitarian” military intervention, remarkably like...

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YPFDJ YPFDJ Toronto has chartered a bus leaving from Toronto for those wishing to travel in group to attend the 12th Annual Hidri/YPFDJ/PFDJ II Conference in Washington, D.C., over the forthcoming Sept 1 - Sept 5, 2016, Labour Day Long Week-end. We have few, still unclaimed seats. Hurry and reserve YOURS today! Bus fee is: CAD $...

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L’UNHCR respinge le accuse di rapimento e rimpatrio forzato di rifugiati eritrei

FONTE SATANAW NEWS Addis Abeba, Gennaio 29 2021 (ENA) L'alto Commissariato...

Promuovere l’energia solare in EritreaDi: Ruth Abraham

Traduzione di mediacomunitaeritreait L’analisi a livello globale evidenzia che, l'uso dell'energia solare come...

L’Eritrea sta vincendo la guerra contro la malariaDi Simon Weldemichael traduzione di mediacomunitaeritreait

Il governo dell'Eritrea ha lanciato la Primary Health Care Policy (PHCP) per ridurre al minimo ed eventualmente...
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